We are proud to offer a brilliant selection of Yoga teachers.

Mina Hosokawa

Mina Hosokawa is a seasoned yoga practitioner with over two decades of experience. As a dedicated practitioner, she has honed her expertise under the guidance of renowned experts like Sarah Litton, Hamish Hendry, and Richard Freeman, continuing her learning journey with them to this day.

Mina’s wealth of knowledge and experience extends beyond her personal practice. She is an experienced teacher, mentor, teacher trainer making her a valuable asset in the yoga community. Mina has been an active member of the teaching faculty of Yogacampus for over a decade, mentoring yoga teachers both during and post teacher training by sharing her wisdom, contributing to the growth and development of aspiring yoga practitioners.

Mina’s teaching style integrates scientific principles, yogic philosophy, and her personal self-inquiry discoveries. Her mission is to demonstrate how versatile, inclusive, and adaptable yoga can be, making it accessible to individuals from all walks of life. Recognising yoga’s profound impact on mental and physical well-being, she aims to support and promote its long-lasting benefits to everyone.

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Giorgos Alexandris

Giorgos’ classes reflect this understanding of yoga with themed and considered sequences. Classes are detailed, focused and fun. The breath is the starting point either with traditional prāṇāyāma or more experiential breathing techniques. His teaching style is engaging and relaxed; dynamic and accessible; adventurous at times and with a non-dogmatic approach.

Having studied and continuing to be a student of yoga philosophy as well as āsana his spiritual foundations draw from Tantra and specifically, Kashmir Shaivism as taught to him by Carlos Pomeda. Anna Ashby is his main teacher and source of inspiration – he has been a mentor/assistant at the triyoga teacher training programme since 2015 working closely with Anna. Eileen Gauthier has been his Ashtanga teacher for a number of years and she has inspired his teaching style greatly.

Giorgos teaches Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa.

May Smiley

Mary has a keen interest in physiology and the biomechanics of how the body moves in yoga. She draws inspiration from the eclectic mix of movement that she’s studied over the years including Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Iyengar, somatic intelligence, biomechanics, ELDOA (orthopedic modality) meditation and Tantra…amongst others.

Her classes are engaging and encourage students to practise with grace and curiosity. She combines optimal anatomical alignment with building stories through a variety of movements. This helps students feel grounded, as well as giving them the agency to explore.

Mary’s teaching also incorporates jazz, humour and creativity.

Yazmin Low

Raised in India, Yasmin has been immersed in the tradition of yoga since childhood, returning in her adult life to live and study as a yoga teacher in Mysore and the Himalayas, training in Hatha, Ashtanga and Iyengar styles. Through her personal realisations and passion for the discipline, Yazmin felt impelled to return to the West to share the wisdom of this ancient culture as a path to truth and self-realisation.

Yazmin’s teaching style is deep, strong and guided by intuition, with mindfully choreographed sequences, and variations for all levels. She encourages students to honour their bodies and feelings, whilst bringing attention to their breath and intelligent alignment. Where appropriate Yasmin enjoys using inspirational music, mood lighting and aromatherapy, all peppered with heartfelt philosophy.

Yazmin offers gratitude to all her teachers past and present and considers some of her main influences to be Jiddu Krishnamurti, Vanda Scaravelli, BKS Iyengar, Gary Carter, Donna Farhi, Rod Stryker and Max Strom.

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Candy Alderson

Candy began her yoga journey in 2009 with a curiosity for meditation as a way to find some sort of stillness in a busy life. That led her to yoga asana, being able to approach movement in a non-competitive way, and reconnecting with her body. It soon became her way of life, inspired by Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Breathing techniques.

Candy has completed 500 hours teacher training and has a dedicated Ashtanga practice. Her teacher is Hamish Hendry, whom she has assisted at his Shala in London. Her most recent trainings include an Oxygen Advantage Instructor training with Patrick Mckeown, which is a scientific approach to breathing patters and its effects on health and function. She also trained as a cranial sacral therapist at LCCT. She has taught on three 200 hour teacher trainings for Path of Yoga, two of which were in person in Thailand, and the most recent one Online.

Her teaching style is very much influenced by her own practices and explorations. Strong, compassionate, playful and encouraging . As a teacher, she likes to get people connected to their breath, trusting their bodies, and approaching any practice in a completely non dogmatic way.

Nikita Akilapa

Having trained with several acclaimed international schools and teachers – including David Swenson, Max Strom, Meghan Currie and Kristen Campbell – Nikita teaches a strong and graceful Hatha flow, inspired by two lineages dear to her heart: Ashtanga and Anusara. Her teaching focuses on intelligent alignment, breath work and mindful body awareness. Nikita aims to empower and motivate her students, encouraging each individual practitioner to explore their own potential and strengthen the mind body connection.

Nikita is also a pregnancy and baby & me yoga teacher, a birth doula and hypnobirthing instructor with over a decade experience.


Lucy Maciejowska

Lucy offers dynamic Vinyasa classes with a focus on breath and rhythmic flow. She maintains a low key atmosphere in her open level classes offering variations of poses and alignment suggestions for students of all levels. Lucy weaves her Ashtanga and Rocket-based yoga journey into her Vinyasa classes that are creative & energising, grounded through the body by breath. She knows from personal experience how our yoga practice can change over time in response to life’s circumstances and values how yoga brings people together as well as offer an inner experience of calm and alignment.

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Tamzin Jade

Tamzin Jade is inspired by movement and is a Black Queer Yoga Teacher and Dance Artist, based in London. A graduate from London Contemporary Dance School (2016), Tamzin expanded their study of movement, spirituality and activism through yoga. They have completed multiple trainings, including a foundational 250-hour Yoga Teacher Training (2018) and Radical Darshan’s 300-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training (2022). Tamzin interweaves movement, intuitive and indigenous wisdom into whole being experiences. They facilitate compassionate, inquisitive and playful explorations as a resource for liberation. Each class is accompanied by curated playlists that amplify Black Artists. Tamzin’s classes are creative, soulful and encourage students to embrace using yoga for activism, both for the inner-self and within the context of the wider world.

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Lucy Osman Morris

Lucy is certified Iyengar yoga teacher – she is qualified to teach Junior Intermediate level 2 asana and pregnancy classes. She has been teaching for nearly 20 years and is an experienced, confident and intelligent teacher. Her classes are hard but fun. She loves to learn and convey her joy in learning to her students.

Her classes follow the Iyengar system which means classes are taught to a monthly schedule and all asana (posture) types are covered within a month. Classes are never the same and always interesting whilst looking at different approaches and methods to evolve a deep understanding of the asana.

Charli Livingstone

Charli guides students through progressively sequenced, soulful and strong vinyasa flow, woven with other elements such as meditation, mantra, mudra, pranayama and yogic philosophy (particularly Tantra). Her teaching style is connected, playful and nurturing, with attention to detailed biomechanics, suitable for different bodies. She often uses hands-on assists (in-person and with consent), complemented by her training as an Ayurvedic Yoga Massage therapist. She aims to facilitate a remembrance of wholeness, a core tantric philosophy, which she personally has found to be both healing and liberating.

Charli has completed over 700 hours of training, including most recently a 300hr Rasa Yoga teacher training led by Sianna Sherman and Greta Hill, who she continues to study with, and this powerful style has had a profound impact on her teaching. Her training as a Capoeira Angola teacher and a student for over 15 years, and as an anthropologist, complement her yoga teaching and practice through a life-long immersion in the body in flow, culture and spirituality.

Cary Perkins

Cary is a level 2 Authorised Ashtanga teacher who began her practice in 1998 with teacher Tim Miller. She has taught since 1999, running Mysore in Boston, New York, London, Oslo, and Perth, Australia. She first visited Mysore, India in 1999 and has spent a year in total studying there, being authorised by Guruji in 2004. She has been taught the Advanced A series. Cary practiced the day before the birth of her two young children, returning to a full teaching schedule 2 weeks post-natal.

Prior to Ashtanga, Cary trained in massage therapy, studying for 4 years under the guidance of the founders of the International Professional School of Bodywork in San Diego, California which encourages the development of psychologically sensitive bodyworkers. She focused primarily on Thai Massage, visiting Thailand to study with her teacher’s teacher. Now she integrates the many modalities she studied into a bodywork that integrates deep tissue with Swedish style massage and passive joint movement. She continues her education in both massage and yoga, keeping her practice fresh and connected.

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Yvonne O'Garro

Yvonne graduated with a 350-hour Yoga Teacher Diploma and holds a 33-hour Restorative Practices both from Triyoga, London. She is passionate about Restorative Yoga and the benefits it can have on our bodies; the practice allows the nervous system to shift from “fight or flight” into a relaxation response (Sympathetic to Parasympathetic nervous system).

Yvonne had a long career as a HR Business Partner but then switched to full time yoga teaching to achieve both personal balance and to increase the opportunities to share the benefits of Restorative & Hatha Yoga.

Yvonne feels that Restorative Yoga can also contribute to workplace well-being and decrease the millions of days lost to stress related sickness absence at work.

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Julie Wemyss

Julie is passionate about yoga and sharing the benefits of a regular practice. Her classes offer a complimentary blend of asana alignment techniques, pranayama, meditation and yoga philosophy. She takes a friendly and kind approach to teaching yoga, ensuring a safe, happy and nurturing space for students to explore their practice. Yoga should be as much of a joy for beginners as it is for experienced practitioners.

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Sue Cheung

Since attending her first class in 2005, Sue has become a dedicated yogi. A graduate of Triyoga’s foundation teacher training program led by Jean Hall and Mimi Kuo-Deemer, Sue has also qualified as a pregnancy and postnatal yoga teacher under Nadia Narain and has completed the 300-hour teacher training with Jason Crandell. She has attended workshops related to Yoga and Activism with Off the Mat into the World, Embodied Awareness with Bo Forbes, and the Trauma Sensitive Trauma Centre Yoga Foundational workshop with Alex Cat.

Sue’s teaching style focuses on precise alignment, and the conscious connection of breath with movement is the foundation of her classes. She seeks to create an environment where students feel supported to explore their experience on the mat.

Jayne Miller

Yoga has been an essential part of Jayne’s life for around 25 years – she’s explored different styles along the way, from dynamic and slow flows, Shadow, Anusara, Acro and Aerial to restorative, and the fascia-plumping somatic movement of Tias Little, Bo Forbes and Donna Farhi. She weave elements of them all into her teaching to create fluid, soulful but playful classes, inviting students to practice with a sense of curiosity, and encouraging individuals no matter what their level, age, body shape, or state of mind. Jayne has taught across London continuously for a decade and is a BWY and Yoga Alliance (500 hr) accredited teacher, and qualified to teach SUP yoga.

Jayne has trained with Tias and Surya Little for many years on movement patterns for healthy fascia (body tissues) injury prevention and somatic awareness, which has therapeutic applications, relaxing the nervous system and teasing out issues in the tissues, as well as prepping the body, allowing people to deepen their experience and comfort of yoga poses. She is a qualified SATYA (Somatic Awareness Training for Yoga  Attunement) teacher.

Julia Katz
Julia Katz

Having discovered yoga in 1988, Julia brings 30 years experience of practising yoga to her teaching. She completed her first Teacher Training at Triyoga with Bridget Woods Kramer, and has since studied with several renowned teachers: Donna Fahri, Kristen Campbell (Hot Yoga), Mimi Kuo Deemer (Vinyasa), Anna Ashby (Restorative Yoga) and Norman Blair (Yin Yoga).

Xulia Duran-Rodriguez

Practising for well over 20 years, and teaching for well over 10, Xulia completed her initial teacher training at Triyoga with the wonderful Anna Ashby and Joey Miles. Since then she has practised and trained with many, studying extensively with Erich Schiffmann, more recently with Judith Hanson Lasater, and resonating deeply the pointings of Mooji.

Xulia is a warm and friendly teacher, her classes balancing an attention to alignment with a mindfulness in movement. She offers an easeful steady practise, a space to pause a moment and be still, cultivating a curiosity to listen to the teacher within. All are welcome.

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Pragna Kiri

Pragna’s classes are dynamic and challenging, centred on the breath as the origin for movement. She applies the core teachings of yoga to guide mindful movement in playful situations, providing space for her students to explore the unity of the body, mind, and spirit through various physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation.

Pragna uses traditional yoga postures (asana) as points of departure to guide students through fluid and versatile sequences, inspired by the principles of sthira (stability) and sukham (ease), where she emphasises finding strength over seeking passive flexibility. She encourages and invites her students to observe, sync and flow with their own energetic rhythm within the moment to expand their capacities for self-expression and embodiment. If you’re looking for a steady and progressive style of vinyasa yoga that cultivates mindful and compassionate presence, Pragna’s classes will be right up your street.

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