We have a brilliant selection of mat Pilates teachers suitable for all – from complete beginners to advanced students
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Clarisse Roud

Clarisse trained in London and New York and is a certified Pilates Mat I and Mat II Instructor [Pilates Academy International within Pilates on Fifth in New York]. As a former professional dancer she has a keen awareness of the body, a great understanding of movement and a solid foundation on technique to ensure her students enjoy the workout in a safe environment. Clarisse teaches a dynamic Mat Pilates class based on a mindful approach to any level of experience. She will guide you to improve your strength and flexibility, giving you a space to connect with your own body.

Her teaching credits include Peridance Capezio Center (New York, USA), Atelier Corps et Mouvement (Geneva, CH), Pineapple (London, UK).

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Anna Evans

Anna is a truly dedicated teacher. After practicing Pilates for several years, the birth of her first daughter in 2010 inspired her to train to do something that she loved and she became a qualified matwork Pilates teacher. Anna believes in having  a comprehensive knowledge in areas complimentary to her teaching  and is also a  personal trainer and holds qualifications in pre and post natal exercise and nutrition. As well as teaching group classes Anna works with a variety of individuals from desk bound office workers to dancers. Anna believes that Pilates will strengthen your mind and your body and can be adapted to suit everyone.

Maika Klaukien

Maika has a Contemporary Dance background, graduating from the London Contemporary Dance school (BA and MA). She qualified as a Pilates instructor with the Pilates Foundation UK in 2003 and has since continued training in complimentary fields. Teaching Pilates mat classes at Triyoga since 2003, she also ran the Pilates studio at West1 Physiotherapy on Harley street for 6 years, and co-founded “Gentle movement Clinic” in 2011.

Maika’s main aim is to make Pilates understandable and functional for everyday life activities – if it is housework, running a marathon or professional athlete training. For her, Pilates is not just a series of exercises but it is a method – to develop awareness of our postures, alignment and biomechanics; to move with ease, flow and breath while maintaining centre, control and precision.

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Rebecca Faith

Rebecca is a Pilates teacher, movement director and artist with 20 years experience teaching Clinical Pilates alongside physios and osteopaths at Guy Gold Performance Centre, The Centre for Health and Human Performance – Harley St, St Pancras Hospital and Cirque du Soleil. She is a mat & equipment certified Pilates Foundation teacher, with specialist certificates in Pre/Post Natal Pilates and Somatic Stress Release.™ Rebecca is an ex-professional ballet dancer having danced with English National Ballet and trained at The Royal Ballet School.  She has an MA (distinction) in Movement Directing and Teaching from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

Rebecca is a researcher and facilitator of trauma-aware movement teaching and actor coaching. She is neurodiverse and  brings sensitivity and creativity to her teaching practice whilst holding a space that’s warm and welcoming, yet rigorous. Her goal is to encourage embodied awareness, breath practice, healthy dynamic alignment for injury prevention, release of neuro-muscular tension patterns and to promote strength. confidence and resilience tools for stress and anxiety.

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Anna Longmuir

Anna studied Pilates with Balanced Body (the largest Pilates organisation in the world) and regularly attends workshops to keep her teaching fresh and varied.

Anna was introduced to Pilates by a physiotherapist after having a knee and hip injury.  Having experienced the benefits first hand not just to the injury, but also for posture, strength and alignment, Anna was hooked and went on to train. She truly believes it is an intelligent way to exercise which can benefit everyone. Her aim is to help students of all levels and abilities to become stronger and more confident in their own bodies so they move more freely and easily as well as look and feel better.

Brooke McConochy

Originally from the US, Brooke qualified as a Pilates teacher while living as an expat in Beijing, China. Having completed courses in Pilates matwork, personal training, ballet bar, and postnatal and pregnancy pilates, she blends the classical pilates repertoire with elements of body conditioning and barre to create a strong, core focused workout.

Over the past 5 years having worked extensively with the orthodox Jewish community in Stamford Hill, she’s unwittingly become and expert in pelvic floor health (as important for men as it is for the women) and has adapted her teaching methods to lift pressure away from the pelvic floor while still working the core.  Expect a full body workout combined with mobility training and stretching to create long, strong muscles supporting a perfectly aligned frame.

Abigail Attard Montalto

Abigail is a professional dancer and Pilates instructor. She first encountered Pilates as a form of Individual Personal Development during her Degree at London Studio Centre. Abigail has carried on using Pilates as a training technique alongside her dancing and has since become qualified to teach.

Abigail loves detail, and her classes are often multi-layered to be able to incorporate the details of the technique into the fundamentals of Pilates, before taking optional progressions for anyone who needs or would like more challenge. She takes the Pilates principle of Precision quite seriously in order to help participants be in control of their bodies, to be more able to draw in the other principles of Pilates into their practice. Abigail has a lot of experience in teaching a range of ages and body types and welcomes all to train with her.

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