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Cary Perkins

Cary began her massage therapy training in San Diego, California in 1997. She studied for 4 years under the masterful guidance of the founders of the International Professional School of Bodywork in Pacific Beach, San Diego which encourages the development of psychologically sensitive bodyworkers. During her time there she focused primarily on Thai Massage, eventually making a trip to Thailand to study with her teacher’s teacher. She also wove the many modalities she studied while at the school into a form of bodywork on the table that integrates deep tissue with Swedish style massage and passive joint movement.

She continues her education in massage and yoga, studying new modalities and keeping her practice fresh and connected.

Cary offers Deep Tissue, Holistic, Pregnancy and Thai Massage.

Julia Katz

Julia began to work with massage in the 90s. She trained with Touchpro and worked in large companies like AOL and The Framestore providing weekly on site massage for their employees.  When she completed her shiatsu training in 2000 she went on to do post graduate training with Suzanne Yates (Well Mother) for pregnancy and post natal work and has also trained with Francoise Freedman of Birthlight. For the last 10 years she has worked at The Birth Company in Harley Street as a shiatsu practitioner. Julia is also a yoga teacher and teaches in our Tufnell Park studio.

Julia offers Shiatsu and Postnatal Shiatsu.



Olya Generalova

Olya Generalova has been a bodyworker for the last 13 years. Having previously worked with professional performers, dancers and sports people as an educator, workshop leader and a coach since 2004, Olya discovered Yoga, Ayurveda and Massage as brilliant non-invasive therapeutic techniques, which successfully incorporate mind and body work and bring outstanding results. Working towards strong but also holistic approach to therapy, Olya undertook a number of courses and workshops over the past 5 years and continues to train with some of the best teachers and therapists across the UK, as well as India.

Olya now mainly works as a massage therapist and holistic health coach. She  occasionally teaches therapeutic yoga and mindfulness techniques and gives talks and workshops at health and fitness studios in London. She works closely with her clients, listening and responding to the exact requests and needs that brought a person to  her therapy room.

Olya offers Sports and Remedial, Deep Tissue, Holistic and Ayurvedic massage. She also offers Yoga Therapy and Holistic Coaching.

Clive Fogelman

Clive teaches a range of mindfulness practises including breathing techniques, visualisations, mantra, body awareness and mindful movement. These are completely personalised to the needs of each individual. The practises can also be tailored to work with specific areas such as stress, better sleep, and replenishing the body. As well as providing a restorative and nourishing space during his sessions, Clive is also passionate about supporting clients in integrating mindfulness into their lives in accessible and convenient ways.

Jana Lukasova

Jana holds a BA degree in Sports and Restorative therapy from her native Czech Republic and this extensive training is apparent in her brilliant understanding of how the body works. She has since mastered additional techniques including Hot Stone, Pregnancy and Ayurvedic massage. Her passion for massage therapy has seen her practice in London’s best spas before joining the Down to Earth team.

Jana offers Sports and Remedial, Deep Tissue, Holistic, Ayurvedic and Pregnancy Massage.

Claudio Astuto

Claudio is a level 5 Remedial Sports Therapist with a diploma from the NLSSM.

Having been a professional basketball player, he has always been interested in the physiology and mechanics of the body. He is passionate about anatomy.

Claudio studied biology at University level and qualified as a Yoga teacher to introduce a more holistic approach to his work.

Claudio offers Sports and Remedial and Deep Tissue massage.

Todd Taylor

Todd is a Certified Massage Therapist and holds Full Body Certifications in A.R.T. (Active Release Techniques). This includes certification for Lower Extremities, Upper Extremities, and Spine. Todd started his work in ART in San Francisco working with the Gaelic Football League and has received his training from leading physiotherapists and chiropractors in both the United States and Europe including Dr. Michael Leahy, developer of ART. Todd is also a Pilates and yoga teachers with over 10 years experience. 

Todd offers Active Release Technique (A.R.T.)




Pluma Alvarenga

Originally from Brazil, Pluma qualified in the UK and has worked as a professional massage therapist in hotels, spas and with private clients in London since 2011.

With a diploma in Deep Tissue, and certificates in Hand Reflexology, Hot Stone, Bamboo Therapy, and Lymphatic Drainage including anti-cellulite treatment, Pluma’s treatments are a mix of the therapies she’s studied, tailored  according to her client’s needs. Pluma uses stretchings and pressure points to release tensions, as well as hand reflexology which helps her locate problem areas in the body. 

Pluma is currently doing a Masters in Ecology and Spirituality at Schumacher College.

Pluma offers Deep Tissue, Holistic and Pregnancy massage.

Yazmin Low

Yazmin has been immersed in the the holistic and bodyworks industry for over a decade, having trained as a yoga teacher and Ayurvedic massage therapist whilst living in India.

Her curious nature, passion and dedication to understanding the human form lead her to the study of Osteopathic medicine at one of Europe’s top institutions, where she qualified as a Sports and Deep Tissue masseur.

Yazmin’s treatment is rooted in science and a deep understanding of anatomy, whilst bringing importance to a patient cantered and intuitive practice. Her intention is to hold space and assist  individuals in maintaining or finding their way back to wellbeing.

Yazmin offers Sports and Remedial and Deep Tissue Massage.

Jon Caruana

Jon’s passion for massage originated from the practice of contact improvisation while training as a contemporary dancer. Having been exposed to high physical demands he found massage restorative and also an aid to prepare the body for movement and cultivate awareness. 

He found that his dance experience and massage complement each other . It deepens his curiosity of  how the body functions.

His treatment approach is informed by a blend of modalities and his movement experience. What Jon aspires to when working with someone is to  help them restore physically, mentally and  make them more in tune with their body.

Jon offers Holistic and Deep Tissue.

Majra Mallocci

Majra is a qualified massage therapist trained at Bodyology School of Massage in London. Specialising in holistic massage therapy, deep tissue, hot stone and recently myofascial release.

Her holistic approach combined with different massage techniques and accurate knowledge in anatomy, pathology and physiology gives her the key to tailor personalised treatments.

She will help to get rid of stiff muscles, alleviate back pain, reduce stress-related muscles pain, chronic pain, postural discomforts improving so your daily well-being and health life-style. Providing simple aftercare tips at the end of each session in order to keep your ongoing improvement.

She is experiencing relevant results in people with hypermobility and fibromyalgia syndrome reducing pain, decreasing muscle stiffness, improving sleep pattern and let them feeling relaxed and restored afterwards.

Majra offers Holistic Massage, Deep Tissue massage, Remedial Massage