Thai Massage

Thai massage shows a strong Indian Ayurvedic and yogic influence, but its very disciplined emphasis on energy channels reveals a link with Chinese Traditional Medicine. An ancient healing practice that has been described as a meditative application of loving-kindness, it is based on the idea of invisible energy lines (the Ten Sen) that run throughout the body. Rooted in yoga philosophy and practice, the aim is to release blockages along those lines, and thereby free the recipient up from aches, pains, anxiety and tension. During a session, the recipient will be asked to wear loose, comfortable clothes and to lie on a mat on the floor. The therapist uses their hands, feet and elbows to apply pressure to points along the Ten Sen, in combination with gentle stretching and yoga-like postures. Each treatment is tailormade to the needs of each individual.

Some common ailments that Thai Massage can help with are: IBS, Insomnia, Low energy, Corporate stress and wellbeing, Fatigue, Back pain, Circulation problems, Migraines and PMS.

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60mins – £70
90mins – £95