Sports and Remedial Massage

Tailored to your own individual needs, Sports & Remedial Massage can be beneficial to all, whether you’re a seasoned athlete, to a weekend jogger, to a person who simply has general muscular issues that you would like addressed. Every session can incorporate a multitude of techniques, from deep tissue work, to trigger point therapy and myofascial release, plus stretching and aftercare exercises to continue at home. The main goal of the treatment is to reduce pain, encourage existing injuries to heal and help prevent problem areas from potentially developing into a more serious or longer-term condition.

This style of therapy is also particularly effective on injuries and persistent pain and problem areas such as frozen shoulder, tennis elbow or sciatica, but works equally as well on general muscle tension perhaps resulting from poor posture, emotional blockages or simply from the stress, tension and fatigue that occurs through the repetitive movement of everyday activities.

Therapists offering Sports and Remedial Massage 


60 mins – £70
90 mins – £95