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Giorgos Alexandris

In hatha yoga (postural/āsana practice), the physical form serves as a means to develop and expand awareness. Postural practise provides a way to observe and understand the body and mind in relationship; this gives insight into our deepest nature. Giorgos’ classes reflect this understanding of yoga with themed and considered sequences. Classes are detailed, focused and fun. The breath is the starting point either with traditional prāṇāyāma or more experiential breathing techniques. His teaching style is engaging and relaxed; dynamic and accessible; adventurous at times and possible with a non-dogmatic approach. Giorgos has discovered yoga to be a tool that enhances life and offers a way to understand one’s sense of place in the world giving a deeply felt inner experience of centred awareness.

Having studied and continuing to be a student of yoga philosophy as well as āsana his spiritual foundations draw from Tantra and specifically, Kashmir Shaivism as taught to him by Carlos Pomeda. Anna Ashby is his main teacher and source of inspiration – he has been a mentor/assistant at the triyoga teacher training programme since 2015. He has also been a mentor at the Yoga on the Lane studio teacher training since 2017. Eileen Gauthier has been his Ashtanga teacher for a number of years and she has inspired his teaching style greatly.

Giorgos teaches Hatha, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa.