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We are proud to offer a brilliant selection of Yoga teachers.


Claudio Astuto

Claudio first began to practice Yoga in 2009 to support his athletic training. He was fascinated by the Yoga philosophy and its healing benefits. His heightened curiosity led him on a long journey to India where he established a deep connection with the roots and traditions of Indian Yoga and meditation through months of practice.

He practices daily Mysore style Ashtanga yoga and assists his teacher Hamish Hendry, the only teacher in the UK to be Certified by the KPJAYI.

Passionate about Yoga as a tool for healing, Claudio likes to encourage a meditative approach to the practice; his classes also include great emphasis on healthy alignments, breath work and mindful body awareness.

Claudio also works as a qualified Remedial Sports Massage Therapist at Down to Earth.

Candy Alderson

Candy started her yoga journey in 2009 when she was working full time in the film industry, drawn to meditation as an attempt to calm a busy mind and reconnect to a neglected body. That then led to yoga asana (physical practice), transforming stress into movement and reconnecting with her breath as a way of self medicating.  Inspired by Ashtanga Mysore & Vinyasa, there was no going back. Dropping her career, she did her first 200hr teacher training in Boulder, Colorado and later completed her 300 hour teacher training in India with Yoga Tribe. She has teacher trained in hot yoga with Kristin Cambell, as well as teaching Inversions with Patrick Beach. Her real passion is Ashtanga, which she practices under her teacher Hamish Hendry 6 days a week, in London.

As a vinyasa teacher, expect a strong and creative flow, traditional asana teamed up with somatic and functional movements to explore your body’s mobility, and oh yes…plenty of core work to keep you strong and healthy!  Candy also teaches traditional Ashtanga led classes and assists in Mysore.

Charli Sklar

Charli has been practicing since 2009 and teaching since 2012. After leaving Management Accountancy to travel she did teacher training at Ayur Yoga Eco Ashram in Hatha Yoga and it became apparent this was her calling. Subsequently she qualified in Vinyasa Flow with Mimi Kuo Deemer, Hot Yoga with Kristin Campbell, Yin Yoga with Norman Blair and completed 100-hours Anusara with Bridget Woods Kramer, Mindfulness with Sarah Powers and 50-hours with Tiffany Cruikshank.

Charli has a passion for alignment and anatomy. Her Vinyasa classes are slow flowing alignment focused where movement is linked through the breath to allow the body to let go of tension whilst positions are held to build core strength and freedom. Her approach to yoga and warm personality shine through. Sequences and postures are modified to work for all with individual help via encouraging hands on adjustments and verbal cues.

The transformative effect of Ashtanga keeps Charli dedicated whilst Vinyasa Flow gives her the freedom to be creative with fun sequences that challenge and keep students on their toes.

Yoska Kai Bosch

Yoska first practiced yoga as a teenager. She has since explored various styles as well as different forms of dance. She started teaching in 2015 after a two-year training in alignment based Hatha yoga and works intuitively, inclusively and with yoga’s therapeutic applications. She is drawn to styles and methods which encourage exploratory, functional and intelligent movement. Yoska has also completed specialised trainings in Yin with Sarah Powers, Restorative with Anna Ashby and teaching one to one with Kate Ellis and continues to develop her teaching by practicing regularly with Giovanni Felicioni and Tanya Love. Yoska’s approach to teaching is mindful, light hearted and clear.

Imi Wiseman

Imi first tried yoga after a running injury but fell in love when she was introduced to Rocket. It didn’t just fix her hamstrings – very quickly everything felt better. Although she now practices and teaches a variety of different styles, Rocket (a dynamic vinyasa, based on Ashtanga) remains her passion, not only for the sequencing and breath work, but also for the humour and the community. She is particularly grateful to her teachers Amme Poulton, Marcus Veda and David Kyle for their inspiration and patience.   

Imi took her first training in Ashtanga Vinyasa in India, which was followed by a 300-hour Rocket training one-2-one with Amme Poulton in London, 150-hour Rocket with David Kyle and 300-hour Vinyasa with Jason Crandell. Her vinyasa classes are strong and challenging but always fun.

Clive Fogelman

Clive has a creative and open-minded approach to yoga and meditation, influenced by his therapeutic work and sporting background. He helps people cultivate intuition within their bodies, mindful that all individuals are different and continually evolving. Classes emphasise linking breath and movement to direct attention inward and become more aware of each moment. Drawing on the parallels between yoga and life, the mat becomes a playground for exploration and transformation. Yoga classes focus on developing core strength and flexibility, while providing a space to ground and release tension. Clive teaches dynamic, flow, restorative and yin yoga offering variations for all levels. His meditation classes include guided visualisations, breathing techniques and yoga nidra.

Nikita Akilapa

Having trained with several acclaimed international schools and teachers – including David Swenson, Max Strom, Meghan Currie and Kristen Campbell – Nikita teaches a strong and graceful Hatha flow, inspired by two lineages dear to her heart: Ashtanga and Anusara.

Her teaching focuses on intelligent alignment, breath work and mindful body awareness. Nikita aims to empower and motivate her students, encouraging each individual practitioner to explore their own potential and strengthen the mind body connection.

Rachel Perry

Rachel began practising Yoga as a professional dancer before the ‘fling’ became serious. After completing her 500-hour advanced teacher training with Yoga London she became a course leader running their 200 and 500-hour teacher training programmes. Over the past 8 years she has studied with amazing teachers: Pregnancy yoga and Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) with Uma Dinsmore Tuli; Restorative yoga with Anna Ashby at TriYoga; Prana Flow immersions with Shiva Rea… She is also a MTI-qualified holistic massage therapist who works with Myofascial release techniques and energy healing.

Rachel’s classes are welcoming, energetic, playful and at times challenging. Expect to come away feeling uplifted, aligned and Nourished!

Cary Perkins

Cary is a level 2 Authorised Ashtanga teacher who began her practice in 1998 with teacher Tim Miller. She has taught since 1999, running Mysore in Boston, New York, London, Oslo, and Perth, Australia. She first visited Mysore, India in 1999 and has spent a year in total studying there, being authorised by Guruji in 2004. She has been taught the Advanced A series. Cary practiced the day before the birth of her two young children, returning to a full teaching schedule 2 weeks post-natal.

Prior to Ashtanga, Cary trained in massage therapy, studying for 4 years under the guidance of the founders of the International Professional School of Bodywork in San Diego, California which encourages the development of psychologically sensitive bodyworkers. She focused primarily on Thai Massage, visiting Thailand to study with her teacher’s teacher. Now she integrates the many modalities she studied into a bodywork that integrates deep tissue with Swedish style massage and passive joint movement. She continues her education in both massage and yoga, keeping her practice fresh and connected.

Kieran Baine

Kieran has been practicing yoga and meditation for over twenty years and teaching for over ten years. He has trained and practiced with a number of teachers and schools including the traditional integrative yoga of Sivananda, the breath and intelligent sequencing of Viniyoga inspired by TKV Desikachar and the meditative and deep release approach of Yin yoga as taught by Paul Grilley. Kieran qualified as a yoga therapist with Yogacampus in 2013.

In the past few years Kieran has practiced almost exclusively with teachers who are influenced and inspired by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli, most notably Catherine Annis and Giovanni Felicioni. This approach emphasises slowing down and listening deeply to the body and breath, going with rather than against, exploring, enquiring and finding each individuals unique expression of the postures.
Kieran’s classes are thoughtful, intelligent, creative and inclusive.

Ashley Ahrens

Ashley started practicing Yoga in 2010 at the Sattva School of Yoga in Edmonton, Canada. After several devastating family losses a friend recommended yoga to address her grief. She was shocked by the profound effects the practice had on her mental & physical wellbeing; she continues to be amazed by everything this healing practice has to offer.

Ashley teaches Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Rocket, Sattva & Hatha Yoga. She has a Genetics degree specializing in Cancer, with a minor in Psychology and Anatomy. Her classes are strong, yet supportive and nurturing. She places emphasis on connecting deep within your own body, using the breath as a tool to distract the mind, and fascial tissue lines of awareness to understand postures on a very personal level. She is forever grateful to her first, and main teacher, Rameen Peyrow of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Yazmin Low

Raised in India, Yasmin has been immersed in the tradition of yoga since childhood, returning in her adult life to live and study as a yoga teacher in Mysore and the Himalayas, training in Hatha, Ashtanga and Iyengar styles. Through her personal realisations and passion for the discipline, Yazmin felt impelled to return to the West to share the wisdom of this ancient culture as a path to truth and self-realisation.

Yazmin’s teaching style is deep, strong and guided by intuition, with mindfully choreographed sequences, and variations for all levels. She encourages students to honour their bodies and feelings, whilst bringing attention to their breath and intelligent alignment. Where appropriate Yasmin enjoys using inspirational music, mood lighting and aromatherapy, all peppered with heartfelt philosophy.

During her pregnancy, Yazmin went on to study with some of the pioneers of prenatal yoga and birth, further training as a Doula with the world renowned obstetrician Michel Odent. She leads pregnancy yoga classes and private birth preparation sessions, feeling both passionate and privileged in being able to support and guide new mums and dads through their journey from pregnancy into parenthood.

Yazmin offers gratitude to all her teachers past and present and considers some of her main influences to be Jiddu Krishnamurti, Vanda Scaravelli, BKS Iyengar, Gary Carter, Donna Farhi, Rod Stryker and Max Strom.

Giorgos Alexandris

In hatha yoga (postural/āsana practice), the physical form serves as a means to develop and expand awareness. Postural practise provides a way to observe and understand the body and mind in relationship; this gives insight into our deepest nature. Giorgos’ classes reflect this understanding of yoga with themed and considered sequences. Classes are detailed, focused and fun. The breath is the starting point either with traditional prāṇāyāma or more experiential breathing techniques. His teaching style is engaging and relaxed; dynamic and accessible; adventurous at times and possible with a non-dogmatic approach. Giorgos has discovered yoga to be a tool that enhances life and offers a way to understand one’s sense of place in the world giving a deeply felt inner experience of centred awareness.

Having studied and continuing to be a student of yoga philosophy as well as āsana his spiritual foundations draw from Tantra and specifically, Kashmir Shaivism as taught to him by Carlos Pomeda. Anna Ashby is his main teacher and source of inspiration – he has been a mentor/assistant at the triyoga teacher training programme since 2015. He has also been a mentor at the Yoga on the Lane studio teacher training since 2017. Eileen Gauthier has been his Ashtanga teacher for a number of years and she has inspired his teaching style greatly.

Giorgos teaches Hatha, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa.

Honor Pennington Legh

Honor began practicing Iyengar yoga in secondary school.  She’s the daughter of devotees and grew up immersed in a yogic world view. She first trained with the British Wheel and then qualified as an Iyengar teacher. She now holds a Junior Intermediate level III Certification and is working on her Senior certification. Her teaching journey has taken her to London, India, Thailand, Australia and Europe with total enthusiasm and passion for Yoga.

The highlight of her adventures in yoga has been her work studying with teachers and devoted practitioners in India, especially  BKS Iyengar and his daughter Geeta Iyengar and son Prashant Iyengar in Pune on a number of intensives.  She has lived and worked as an assistant in India and feels blessed to share the gifts she has received.

Classes with Honor are holistic with a focus on bringing out our fullest potential with care and courage. Honor studies and practices yogic mantras, sound healing, African drumming and several healing modalities including EFT (Emotional freedom technique) that enrich her lively classes.

Josie Lees

Josie has been teaching yoga for 11 years after 10 years as an osteopath. She has completed numerous teacher training programmes in yoga and Pilates, the most influential with Max Strom. She has a BSc in Osteopathic Medicine from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine and taught there for 4 years. She now teaches applied anatomy on yoga teacher training courses.

Josie believes that anyone can do yoga and her approach is friendly and light hearted. She gives clear instructions and offers options for different abilities, focussing on breathing well at the same time as building strength, balance and flexibility. Her classes are welcoming and accessible to all regardless of age, size, fitness or previous experience.

Kate Comer

Kate’s yoga interest grew from studying Eastern philosophy in her degree and extended trips to India. By practising yoga regularly her passion grew; both as a teacher and a student. Drawn to a variety of yoga practises, she’s been fortunate enough to study under some of the most inspiring teachers. She teaches pre and post natal, hatha, gentle, Nidra and restorative yoga.